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TAROT IRON MAN 650 Quad Frame

The TAROT IRON MAN 650 Frame kit designed on a Quad-copter (4 blade) platform and built for professional aerial photography, as well as monitoring, remote sensing, Surveying and Mapping, Aerial Investigation, Fire Observation, Life Exploration, Cable Patrol, Farm Monitoring applications.

The TAROT IRON MAN 650 Quad-copter delivers powerful and integrated aspects to UAV flying. Engineered with firm and lightweight 3k Japanese carbon fiber CNC cutting design standard is higher than most similar product of this range.

Weighing only 476g the frame is fully foldable this is a great choice for hobbyist demanding portability and adjustable flexibility load photographic equipment allows users plenty of room to enhance their experience.

There are a few possible configurations for the TAROT Quadcopter. We recommend that you use a go-pro as you’ll only require a 180W – 250W motor due to the weight of the GoPro.

If you’re looking to use a Micro SLR, you’ll require a 300W – 400W motor with a larger capacity battery and larger propellers, which will decrease flight time. 

Recommended configuration:

Configuration 1: Gopro camera plan (recommended):

180 to 250W motor + 20A ESC + 4S 5000mAh Lipo + 10 to 12 inch propellers

Configuration 2: Micro SLR camera plan (cautiously recommended):

300 to 400W motors + 30A ESC + 4S 5000 to 10000mAh Lipo + 12 to 14 inch propeller

Please note that it not recommended using SLR cameras with the TAROT IRON MAN 650.

TAROT IRON MAN 650 Quadcopter


The TAROT IRON MAN 650 is available from Hobby Tech, shipping worldwide.

Price - $141.00 AUD

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TAROT Quadcopter Accessories

The TAROT Iron Man 650 works well with the TAROT 2-Axis Brushless Gimbal For GoPro Hero3, a Gimbal designed for the GoPro Hero3, widley used for film & television productions and well suited to aerial photography and videography. 

TAROT 2-axis GoPro Gimbal

TAROT 2-Axis Gimbal for GoPro Hero3

The TAROT 2-Axis Gimbal is ideal for the TAROT Iron Man 650, it allows smooth aerial videography and photography with a GoPro Hero3.

Price - $199.99 AUD

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This awesome Quadcopter and many more are available on the Hobby Tech Online Store.

TAROT IRON MAN 650 Quad Frame