Product Categories

Hobby Tech has 8 product categories covering a huge variety of options for the hobby enthusiast.

RC Helicopters

We offer a range of radio-controlled (RC) helicopters including one featuring a gyroscope and video camera. These replica helicopters are different from airplanes due to construction, aerodynamics and flight training. Flight controls enable the operator to regulate the collective (or throttle on fixed-pitch helicopters), the cyclic controls (pitch and roll) and the tail rotor (yaw) to perform maneuveres such as hovering and backwards flight.

RC Multi Rotors

As the name suggests, multi rotors are rotorcrafts with more than two rotors. Their ease of construction and control make them a popular choice.

Hobby Tech stocks a range of kits and frames for RC quadcopters (4-rotor helicopters), hexacopters (6-rotor helicopters) and octocopters (8-rotor helicopters).

RC Cars

We offer a wide range of high-end electric and nitro radio controlled (RC) cars. These self-powered model cars or trucks are either battery powered (electric) or gas powered (nitro) and are controlled from a distance using a specialised transmitter.

RC Airplanes

Hobby Tech sells a variety of models and styles of radio-controlled (RC) airplanes to suit the beginner to the advanced hobbyist. These aircrafts are now more sophisticated than ever with more efficient RC plane engines, more powerful batteries and less expensive radio systems.

RC Engines

We sell many engines to suit a range of needs. You'll find gas/petrol engines for planes and boats; 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke engines; plus specialised engines for cars and boats.

Need spare parts? Hobby Tech stocks carburetors, exhaust pipe/mufflers, spark plugs, twin ignitions, crankshafts and other accessories. 

RC Accessories

Want to get into aerial photography? Hobby Tech sells plenty of gadgets such as first person view (FPV) cameras, gimbals/controllers, FPV goggles and brushless gimbal motors. Many of the gimbals suit GoPro cameras.

Radio systems

Hobby Tech has a range of radio sets and accessories from popular brands such as BER, Walkera, Futaba, SpringRC, Assan, FrSKY and WFly.


For the sporty, Hobby Tech stocks Garmin, Nike+, Sony, Pebble and Mio smart watches. If you'd rather chill on the couch, check out the range of head phones, gaming equipment, and tablets and stylus designs.