RC Multi Rotors Kits & Frames

Better flight control

The advantage of the multi rotor is the simpler rotor mechanics required for flight control. Unlike single-rotor and double-rotor helicopters, which use complex variable pitch rotors, multi rotors usually use fixed-pitched blades. You achieve vehicle control by varying the relative speed of each rotor to change the amount of thrust and torque produced.

2, 4, 6 or 8?

Hobby Tech sells a range of kits and frames for RC quadcopters (4-rotor helicopters), hexacopters (6-rotor helicopters) and octocopters (8-rotor helicopters).

There are multi rotors for every level of enthusiast – from those developing an interest in the hobby to those running commercial operations. Is it a DJI Phantom GPS multi-rotor drone what you are looking for? Or a 4-axial DIY frame with Go Pro Mount? Are you involved in farming or work in the media? Try the Octocopter kit for commercial aerial photography application.

Navigation and auto pilot

Hobby Tech has more than 50 GPS navigation and auto pilot devices for the hobbyist. Discover handy products such as the 2.4G FPV WiFi Transmitter For iPad & Smart Phones. This transmitter conveniently gives you a first-person view from your multi rotor directly on your iPad or smart phone (both IOS and Android apps are available) and has a transmission distance of more than 150 metres.

Accessorise those RC quadcopters

Need some bells and whistles to jazz up your RC quadcopter or another rotor craft? Choose from plenty of ESC (electronic speed control) devices and flight controllers; carbon fibre propellers; and DIY parts such as propeller protection rings, fibreglass canopies, battery mounting plates and bases, arm clamps and multifunction landing fibreglass skids.

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