Alexmos 32bit 3-axis/ 3-axle Large Current Brushless Gimbal Controller

Alexmos 32-bit 3-axis/ 3-axle BGC

The controller can be used for building high-quality 3-axis camera stabilizing systems which can be mounted to UAV and for building handheld camera stabilizers.

This version of the controller is our new direction in the development of the stabilizing solutions. It will replace the previous 8-bit version of the SimpleBGC controller, keeping 100% back-compatibility, but adding the new fuctionality.

  • Axis number: 3
  • Driving chip type: MOS
  • Peak working current: 10A
  • Continous working current: 5A ( Heat sink is highly recommended when working at 5A or above)
  • Power supply: 2-4S (3S is recommended)
  • Firmware: support SimpleBGC official version firmwares & upgradeable
  • Main board size: 5 x 5 cm
  • Fixing hole spacing: 4.5x 4.5cm
  • Supported motor class: Suggested to use motors not exceeding 8108 size and internal resistance no lower than 7Ω.
Alexmos 32bit 3-axis