Aeglo Flaxus Slap Stylus

Introducing FLAXUS™, the world's first mobile stylus which allows you wear on your wrist like a bracelet, conveniently and fashionably. When designing a touch screen stylus that brings out individuality without compromising the functionality aspect, AEGLO's patent pending wearable stylus compliment both style and practicality perfectly. No more having a pen sticking up your pocket nor trying to hunt it down in your bag. A stylish accessory merged with technological element, it is a must-have for today's sophisticated and tech savvy trendsetters.

Avialble now in  Seven vibrant colors


  • Dual ends conductive stylus tips
  • Soft rubber coating (smooth & non-sticky)
  • Back-side Indent track allows more airflow and reduce friction
  • Washable
  • Multi-color options
  • Two extra replacement stylus tips


  • On the go
  • At the beach
  • Look up recipes In the Kitchen
  • Have long finger nails
  • Digital signature
  • Play your favorite games
  • Faster & more precise Navigation
  • Wearing normal (non-capacitive) gloves
  • Drawing and sketching