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  • NOTE:
    BER-TRV1 has neutral, throttle and brake position calibration function, assembling each radio controller makes point position different. BER radio controller point position has calibrated to the optimum position in factory .So no need to change normally. Needing calibration occurred in neutral, throttle or brake positon are not exactly, servo moving angle abnormality, replacing the potentiometer. Not totally to calibrate, the buzzer will alarm, TR maybe work messy. so if do need to it in place. Feature No. 18 ( Change ID ) under normal circumstances no need to change.

    • 1 x 2.4G pistol transmitter
    • 1 x 3-channel 2.4G receiver BER-RXV2
    • 2 x Battery balance connector to servo connector conversion cables


    (*No RX battery, no TX battery, no servos, simulating software and simulator cable are not included in this radio kit.)

  • BER 2.4G FHSS 3-Ch Digital Radio Control Bidirectional Transmission Digital System

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