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  • Applications

    The FY30A can be used in the following fixed wing models:

    • · Traditional layout fixed-wing aircraft with Aileron, Elevator and Rudder
    • · Flying wings with rudder;
    • · Flying wings with no rudder;
    • · Airplanes with no ailerons (rudder and elevator only)
    • · V-tail airplanes with ailerons;
    • · V tail airplanes with no ailerons
    • · Any other configuration, please email us for consultation - feiyudz@yahoo.cn.

    Remote control system:

    The FY-30A has been tested to work well with the following RC system:

    • · Robbe-Futaba PPM / PCM 1024 / PCM G3 mode, 2.4G systems
    • · Graupner / JR PPM 8, PPM 12, SPCM mode;
    • · MPX PPM8, PPM 12 with UNI mode
    • · Any other system with a neutral position of 1.5 ms (standard remote control device).

    FY-30A OperatingMode

    The FY-30A can be operated in three flight modes modes:

    • ● Mode 1: FY-30A Deactivated Mode. In this mode, the FY-30A stabilization function is
    • turned off. The aircraft is completely under the control of the pilot.
    • ● Mode 2: 3D Control Mode. In this mode, the stabilizer utilizes its 3-axis gyroscope to
    • sense roll velocity and flight attitude. If no input is given by the pilot (sticks in the middle
    • position) the FY30A will hold the current aircraft attitude. This prevents rolling of the
    • aircraft at the axial plane and maintains its current posture. Therefore the aircraft can be
    • easily maneuvered to complete a variety of 3D flight with added stability and smoothness.
    • ● Mode 3: self-balancing mode. In this mode, the FY-30A will automatically command the
    • aircraft control surfaces to maintain level flight at all times.
    • The instruction to change the FY30A flight modes is via a spare channel on the RC receiver.
    • 1 x FY-30A circuit board.
    • 4 x Receiver connecting wires
    • 2 x double-sided tape or Velcro fastener
    • 1 x shock absorbing platform with 4 rubber
    • bands already installed
    • 1 x instruction manual for FY-30A
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