AUD $134.99
    • Plastic enclosure and connector-sockets (Molex Picoblade) for all ports
    • 2x 2S - 10S input (OSD measures up to 6S)
    • Constant 5V @ max. 2A, 12V @ max. 600mA (individually, not in combination!)
    • 42x27mm, 12g
    • Switching power with >85% efficiency
    • OSD with integrated current sensor, RSSI and battery voltage display
    • EzUHF digital link support
    • Onboard microphone included
    • Output power limitation protects your equipment in case of reverse polarity
    • Extremely low ripple and low RF noise, two stage filtered and shielded.
    • Since this is a switching regulator it does not need to be ventilated or exposed and can be buried in your plane for maximum durability.
    *The differences between TBS core PNP25 and the TBS core PNP50 is one has a 50A current sensor, the other has 25A sensor built in. the 25A comes with a JST plug, the 50A comes with XT60 plugs. The 25A is preconfigured for a 12V camera, the 50A for a 5V camera. both can be changed to the other by opening it up and changing a solder-jumper like in the other COREs


    The cables required for connecting the CORE PNP50 to your camera and video transmitter are included in the camera and video transmitter. In case you are just buying the TBS CORE PNP50 you may choose to add these cables.

    The EzUHF Link cable is required to connect your EzUHF 8ch Lite or EzUHF 8ch Diversity receiver to the TBS CORE PNP50. The 4ch EzUHF receiver does not provide the link port!

    For powering 12V cameras (e.g. FPV CCD cameras) or 12V transmitters, open the TBS CORE PNP50's rear 4 screws and change the solder jumpers at the bottom of the internal board. The solder jumpers are conveniently labelled.

    If you'd like to pass external telemetry or audio from an external microphone, you can set the solder jumper for this at the bottom of the internal board as well. The audio in is the white cable on the CAM port. 
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