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  • Shaft length: 14mm

    * Note: As this engine is produced as OEM from ASP for Koyosho, the outer box you receive may with ASP marks, this is not a mistake.

    ● Engine starting & break-in
    Adjust the needle valve and air/fuel mixture adjustment screw to their standard position as follows:
    ① Needle value: 2 and 1/2 turns unscrewed from closed position.
    ② Air/fuel mixture adjustment: Gently screw in the idle mixture screw to closed position (clockwise); 2 and 1/2 turns unscrewed from closed position (counter clockwise)
    Adjustments ① ~ ② may slightly vary according to the type of glow plug and glow fuel.

    Proceed as follows when starting and breaking the engine in:

    • 1. Make sure the needle valve is unscrewed 2-1/2 turns from closed position.
    • 2. Fill fuel into the tank. Move the throttle lever to the high position, prime the engine (push the choke button 2 to 3 times or put 2 to 3 drops of fuel directly into the carburetor) and move the throttle lever back to the slow throttle position.
    • 3. Attach the booster cord or one-touch glow plug heater to the engine in order to electrify the glow plug.
    • 4. Quickly pull the recoil starter rope (starter knob) several times. Only pull out 20 to 30cm of cord.
    • (Caution: be careful not to pull out more than 50cm of cord because you may tear it and the spring inside the recoil starter!)
    • 5. Once the engine is started, wait 5 to 10 seconds before detaching the booster cord or one-touch glow plug heater.
    • 6. Run the engine another 2 to 3 tanks and make sure you do not apply full throttle. Also afterwards, do not increase RPM abruptly! Tighten the needle valve by 1/8 turns and continue to run the engine, handling it gently.
    • (Caution: after each tank, allow the engine to cool off naturally!)
    • 7. During the break-in, adjust the idle rpm with the throttle valve adjustment screw.. If rotating it clockwise (right), idle rpm increase. Idle rpm are halfway between rpm when the clutch engages and rpm when the engine stalls. Set idle rpm towards the lower end if possible.
    • 8. Now adjust the needle valve. Its optimum setting is when the engine performs best and the throttle control is in the high position. If tightening it further, engine rpm will drop, leading to engine damage. Once you have found the needle valve's optimum setting, unscrew it 10 to 20°for normal operation.
    • 9. Once the setting for normal operation is done, set the air/fuel mixture adjustment screw. Stop the car and move the throttle control from the idle position to high position. If fumes exiting the muffler are white and rpm increase slowly, fuel is too abundant during the idle. To lean the mixture, rotate the air/fuel mixture adjustment screw clockwise (right), each time 30 to 40°. In the opposite case, if the engine stalls, fumes are not visible and rpm increase slowly, fuel is not abundant enough. This time, richen the mixture and rotate the screw anticlockwise (left), each time 30 to 40°.

    Note: The optimum setting may vary according to the kind of glow plug and glow fuel used.
    The optimum setting may vary due to changing weather conditions.
    The best position of Needle-valve must be opened the needle-valve in 2 turns from the fully closed position.
    Waring! closing the needle-valve too much carries the risk of seriously damaging the engine.
    Caution: Do these adjustments (from step 8) only while running your car! the engine will be damaged if the wheels are aloof from ground and spinning free.


    • * After running the engine, draw out any leftover fuel from the fuel tank.
    • * Draw out fuel from inside the engine as well. Fuel that remains inside the engine, may clog the and make it difficult to start.
    • * Remove any dirt from the outside of the engine using methanol and a brush. Do not allow fire or any excessive heat source to come into contact with methanol which is highly inflammable! This may cause fires!
    • ! Never use gasoline or thinner when cleaning, this may cause fires.
  • 1 x engine

    (No English manual supplied with this engine)

    1 x glow plug (OS A5, R5; ENYA No.4, No.5)
    1 x booster cord or one-touch glow plug heater, and batteries
    1 x plug wrench (for removals when examining or exchanging the glow plug)
    1 x fuel filter


    (* muffler is not included)

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